Snakes and bees and other things that middle children love.

I am the youngest of three children and my brother, who is the middle child and two years older than me, reminded me of this fact daily. He thought that my sister (the oldest) was always the most important because she was the first to experience things. He also thought that because I was the ‘baby’ of the family, I received more focus from our parents. His main complaint was that no one paid attention to him and to be fair, the oldest and youngest typically do get more.

Year 12 often gets focus because they are rocketing towards the end of their schooling. Year 10 often gets focus because they are completing their IGCSE program of study. Year 11 is the ‘middle child’ of High School and sometimes they don’t get the attention they deserve.

There are some amazing things happening in Year 11 and ISM’s ‘middle child’ is thriving.

Here are some of the highlights from the past few months.

The senior wing project

As a CAS group project, the Year 11 cohort decided to reinvigorate their section of the school. The hallway and classrooms had previously been a dull yellow colour and the Year 11 cohort decided to go ‘back to basics’ and paint two coats of white. A feature stripe is planned for both the hallway and the classrooms. This is a student-led initiative and what could have been a very messy project has been handled well by the students.

Pepper the snake

One student in Year 11 has begun her own Youtube channel that deals with her discoveries while being a ‘proud parent’ of a beautiful snake called Pepper. She owns 2 Desert Iguanas and 2 Boa Constrictor Imperators and wanted to share her knowledge with the world online. Many classes at school have had the privilege of hearing about snakes and their habitats with Pepper joining the class for a lesson. Pepper has certainly been popular.


Hero History project

Several students in Grade 11, along with some in lower grades, participated in the Hero History project. The task was to write about a ‘hero throughout history’. The students took the opportunity to reflect not only on what they had learned in history at school, but also reflected on their own very personal connections to heroes. One student wrote about his grandfather who, despite severe adversity, became a doctor. Another student wrote about the surgeon that saved her life.

Rotary Weekend

Several students from Grade 11 and Grade 10 volunteered for the opportunity to participate in a Rotary weekend where they learned about the impact that a dying bee population could have on the planet. One of their tasks was to join a group of other students interested in the topic, collaboratively brainstorm an idea and present their findings to the larger cohort. At the moment, these students are reflecting on how to involve the school in their crusade to help save the bee population.

These are just a few items on the list of projects underway for the school and the Grade 11 cohort is leading the charge to enhance our learning environment through being active in the community.

We believe Grade 11 is flourishing and we are happy to see them so active in the school. The moral of this story is that the middle child should never be overlooked and ISM is excited to think about what these students have in store for their next academic year.


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